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Social Media Campaigns & Projects

My social media work spans across the healthcare, consumer, and non-profit industries. Developing intricate campaigns that include digital and traditional components creates a truly integrated experience that clients and customers carry with them across multiple touch points. 


​Campaigns Featured:

- Ban Bossy - Girl Scouts

- Bling Your Booth Promotion - Girl Scouts

- Invite a Friend Recruitment - Girl Scouts

- I Can't Wait - Girl Scouts

- Camp Challenge - Girl Scouts

- National Cookie Day - Girl Scouts

- Girl Scout Week - Girl Scouts

- United States of BBQ - The Pampered Chef

- Help Whip Cancer - The Pampered Chef

Digital Campaigns & Projects

Working with Girl Scouts, AOL. Glamour and Microsoft, I've successfully produced and launched a variety of interactive media projects including website redesigns, social media applications, blogs and much more. Click on the projects below or to the side to learn about what went into each.


Projects Featured:


- Girl Scout Website

- Girl Scout Email Marketing - Welcome Series

- Girl Scout Email Marketing - Renewal

- Girl Scout Landing Page - Lead Generation

- Camp Email Marketing - Camp

- Generation Glamour - Glamour Magazine

- Kitchen Daily - AOL

- The Hudson Project - Hudson

- Girl Talk - Girl Scout Blog


Content & PR Projects

In addition to my digital marketing emphasis, I've also worked on traditional marketing content and projects including info graphics, white papers, case studies, flyers, and post cards. In creating a truly integrated marketing experience, this work has given me experience in professional writing, visual design, branding, and communications planning. 


Featured Presentations & Workshops:

- 5 Skills Info Graphic - Girl Scouts

- STEM Info Graphic - Girl Scouts

- Transmedia Storytelling White Paper - Graduate Thesis - M.A. Interactive Media

- National Driver's Test Integrated PR Campaign - GMAC Insurance


Just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>
Presentations & Special Projects

Paying it forward is something I truly believe in, which is why I've spoken at several industry conferences, designed and presented workshops and lectures for continuing education students, as well as presented at several Girl Scout conferences to better inform membership and staff around digital practices. 


Learn more about my presentations (download them if you'd like) by clicking on the icons to the right.


Featured Presentations & Workshops:

- Migration Lead

- Volunteer Toolkit Project Lead

- Geekend 2011

- Geekend 2012



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